NSC Alpine Racing is a leading Alpine Ski Race Club located in Auckland, New Zealand. We provide international quality alpine race training programs and race/event support for ski racers of all age groups and abilities – from ‘learning to race’ up to high performance programs for experienced racers. Training and racing with team mates and Coaches is a great experience and fun for competent skiers of all ages.Nth Is Race Medal Haul

Club members and TEAM NSC train year round at Snowplanet in Auckland and in the winter at NZ mountain resorts. The Club Race Organizing Committee (ROC) runs events at Snowplanet. NSC Alpine Ski Team (TEAM NSC) travels to alpine events and training camps in the NZ winter.

NSC is a not for profit Incorporated Alpine Club. A team of dedicated volunteer administrators and program managers assist our Coaches who have local and international qualifications and experience. The Club’s main focus is providing high quality alpine race training and competition opportunities for all and any aspiring or experienced ski racers delivered in a collaborative, supportive, family club atmosphere and team culture. NSC is a member of NZ’s national organisation Snow Sports New Zealand and actively supports and promotes their activities and goals.

Progressing athletes from developmental level and onwards to achieve local, regional and national titles is our focus. Enjoyment, fun, camaraderie, safety, technical progression and advancement, athlete commitment and their success are our core values.

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