About Us

We are a successful leading New Zealand alpine ski race club that offers Alpine Race Training and Coaching Programmes for athletes of all levels year round, based in Auckland.

The club is managed by a team of dedicated Coaches, Administrators, Snow Sports Program Managers, Volunteers and Coordinators who have local and international qualifications and experience. NSC’s particular focus is on providing high quality alpine race training and competition opportunities for aspiring and experienced alpine ski racers, delivered in a collaborative and supportive family club type environment. Enjoyment, fun, camaraderie, safety, technical progression, advancement, athlete commitment and success are part of our core values.


Training at Snowplanet Jan – Dec

As an Auckland based ski team we can train exclusively at SnowPlanet and travel, train and race as TEAM NSC. The Club provides training and coaching at SnowPlanet Wednesday nights during normal school terms from 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm.

What makes NSC Alpine Racing different from 365 at SnowPlanet?

  • NSC is a Ski Race Club with a ‘Team’ spirit.
  • We are a not for profit Incorporated Society.
  • Affiliated to Snow Sports New Zealand and Official Alpine Member that provides training with an official Race Organising Committee (ROC) that is tasked with the responsibility of organising and running SSNZ race events.
  • Deliver a supportive and positive team atmosphere that is promoted and nurtured at all times. We are not a commercial privateer – our sole purpose and focus is on athlete development and their enjoyment of the sport.
  • Training with NSC includes dryland, mental focus work and technical drills, Video analysis.
  • Short, medium and long term goals for each athlete will be monitored with the Coaches.
  • NSC trains and races on mountain every weekend in the winter season and during the School Holidays.
  • More advanced skills will be taught as the individual progresses and advances.
  • Full Race day coaching and support.

NB: Snowplanet training fees do not include external coaching fees outside Snowplanet, weekend on mountain training fees, school holiday training, mountain passes, race fees, travel expenses etc.