Frequently Asked Questions – Racing

Organisation – How it all works:

If you are competing as part of TEAM NSC you will be fully briefed on all the happenings for that race event including meeting places and times, bib collection, weather updates and briefings well in advance. If you are unsure talk to your Coach, the Program Co Ordinator or our experienced NSC parents who will be very happy to help and guide you through the process and the system.

All Race Notices and all race entries are processed online (see note below).

Every athlete must be ‘represented’ by a Coach at the Coaches Mtg which is normally held on the evening prior to the race event (except club and Junior Interfields). If you are not confirmed as entered and represented then you may not be able to race. The Head Coach requires notice from all NSC athletes if they are entered or planning to race in an event under TEAM NSC banner.

Weather in the mountains is always unpredictable so make sure to keep an eye out for any information and updates that we send on Facebook, Twitter and our iOS app. Calling or texting the Coaches on their cell phones is strictly discouraged in the alpine as they are always very busy and focused on their job – from very early in the mornings with their preparation for the day ahead. They may not be available to respond in a timely manner. If they are coaching on mountain they will not accept calls unless an emergency.


To participate in formal and organised alpine racing in New Zealand, you must be a current and financial member of a ski club, and a member of Snow Sports New Zealand. All Snow Sport New Zealand and FIS Age Group athletes are classified only on the athlete’s Year of Birth – regardless of the day or month of their birthday.

Please follow this link to learn about the rules for Alpine Ski Racing in New Zealand: This page is maintained and updated by Snow Sports New Zealand and includes important information on things such as age group classifications and our concussion policy. The New Zealand Competition Rules (Handbook) is your go to guide for the rules that apply to our calendared events in New Zealand.


All registrations for the above classes of membership with  Snow Sports NZ (SSNZ) are managed online via their website; 

Anyone wanting to register for membership must complete the online registration and pay the fee – which is renewable each year. Membership is from 1st July through to the 30th June of the following year.

The online enrolment form requires your name, address, date of birth, e-mail address, age group classification for each member and the competition category that they will be competing in. If you are a Member of NSC please be sure to select ‘Northern Snow Circus’ as your Affiliated Club.

All payments are handled online. You will need to make the payment according to the competition level that the athlete will be entering into (refer above tables).

After successful application and payment you are then assigned a unique SSNZ Membership number, which is the number you will use for all your race entries and activity which can only be entered online exclusively at the SSNZ website using your member log ins and registration number.

Important things to note: 

  • Membership of a New Zealand sanctioned ski race club is a requirement for National and/or FIS registration.
  • Athletes wishing to register for FIS for the first time must do so with SSNZ prior to May 30th each year and must provide proof of Nationality and age eg. Copy of their Birth Certificate or Passport and a letter of endorsement from their Programme Director or Race Coach. Athletes must complete the FIS Athlete Declaration form.
  • You must be a current SSNZ member to race and collect points for National Youth Series and FIS races. At the end of each series or season finales these points are the determinant of the ranking and placings of all athletes.

Types of races – Overview:

There are various levels of race events held in season around all the main ski regions of New Zealand i.e. Southern Lakes, Canterbury, Mt Ruapehu. Early and late season events are also held in Auckland at SnowPlanet. The Race Formats are GS (Grand Slalom), SL (Slalom), Combi (i.e. a combination of SL and GS) and Super G (SG).

Your NSC Coaches are all familiar with the levels of races and the challenge of the slopes at the ski fields in New Zealand. Talk to them if you are unsure of how things work for each event, how to enter, where to meet etc etc.

In New Zealand the organisation responsible for the conduct of ski racing is Snow Sports New Zealand, which is affiliated to the Federation Internationale du Ski (FIS) and the New Zealand Olympic Committee (NZOC).

Types of Competition

Giant Slalom

The Giant Slalom consists of two runs over separate courses. The Giant Slalom presents a range of long, medium and tight turns, which require strength, and a good sense of rhythm.


Slalom events are held in two runs on separate courses. Slalom requires aggressiveness, agility, quickness and combines relatively high speed and technical difficulty.


Super-G is a single run over a long course, which combines the speed of Downhill and some of the technical characteristics of the Giant Slalom. It requires the skier to be very precise at high speeds.


In Downhill the racer must demonstrate excellent technique, agility, continuous concentration, marked endurance and physical fitness and a high level of courage.

Super Combined

Is the result of a Downhill or Super-G run (speed event) and a single Slalom run held according to the technical regulations for Slalom and those for DH or SG. The Super Combined event consists of two runs. Snow Sports New Zealand helps clubs and Race Organising Committee’s facilitate all alpine events in New Zealand.

Types of events, Competition Structure etc

Junior Interfield Series

These events are held throughout New Zealand and are for Snow Sports New Zealand registered athletes U10 through to U16. This series is a great introduction into alpine competition, events are generally Giant Slalom or Giant Slalom/Slalom Kombi.  These events are organised by a local Race Organising Committee (RoC) which is made up of the host Club(s) volunteers and helpers.  All competitors wishing to compete in any Junior Interfield event must be SSNZ registered and hold a SSNZ registration number. The Race Notice is published on SSNZ website and local social media and club newsletters – entry can be via SSNZ or another type of online entry. Some events take late registrations on the day but this is not encouraged due to the potential impact on the organisation and running of the event and the added stress for parents and athletes.

New Zealand Youth Series (NZYS)

NZYS races are a next step progression for development and the choice of competition slope and course setting aligns with the ability of the athletes. The NZYS events are Slalom, Giant Slalom and Super G. All events count for NZYS and National Points. All athletes must be Snow Sports New Zealand registered and compete for their club/region. All individual NZYS points gained are used to confirm the respective overall winners. The NZYS is for U14 – U16 – U18 Athletes. U21 and Senior athletes may also enter any NZYS event.

The Children’s ICR (International Competition Rules) rules apply to the events and they are sanctioned and managed under strict SSNZ protocols. Races appear on the SSNZ race calendar. SSNZ allocates the RoC and appoints a National TD (Technical Delegate) for each event. The Race Notice is published on SSNZ website, entry can be via SSNZ website. Results are published on SSNZ website.

National Point Races

National Point events are for any U14 – Senior Snow Sports New Zealand registered Athletes. Slalom & Giant Slalom. These events include North & South Island champs. National points are allocated to each competitor and are added to the national points list. The national points list is produced at the start of every new season and is available on the Snow Sports New Zealand website.  All these events count for National Points. Races are sanctioned by SSNZ and appear on the SSNZ race calendar. Results are published on SSNZ website. SSNZ allocates the RoC for the event. The Race Notice is published on SSNZ website  and entry is via SSNZ online entry system.

FIS & ANC Races

FIS (International Ski Federation) & ANC (Australia New Zealand Cup) events are the highest levels of alpine competition in New Zealand, Athletes must be registered with Snow Sports New Zealand and the International Ski Federation. U18 and above. FIS & ANC events contested in New Zealand are Slalom, Giant Slalom, Super G and Downhill.